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Randy Hedlund, PE, Principal
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Residential Design Studio

We offer site design services for the development of unique new neighborhoods. Our studio brings together experienced and talented civil engineers, landscape architects, planners and land surveyors in a fully integrated approach to site design from Site to Finish®.

We understand residential development and the needs of developers and home builders. We can take you from the initial site analysis through each step of the subdivision platting process and site construction by providing integrated site design including civil engineering, landscape architecture, planning, land survey and staking services.

We understand the unique challenges of multi-family developments. Our designers work in a coordinated effort with the client's architects, structural, electrical and mechanical engineers to develop buildings that work in harmony with the site. As our metro areas grow, we find many of our clients seeking out smaller, infill sites in urban or suburban areas. These sites often require more creative and innovative approaches to site design, grading, landscaping, stormwater management and, above all, the public approvals process.

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